Haus der Edelsteine GmbH - Schweiz
House of Gems, the swiss center jewel,
the finest and largest gemstone center of Switzerland

House of gems, minerals and gemstones imported from all over the world to Switzerland

Only Wholesalers:

Hello, welcome to our website, please visit our showroom too.
It is our pleasure to be able to offer the most beautiful gems and minerals from all over the world to our customers.
We are looking for suppliers who offer really beautiful pieces.

Send us your e-mail with photo and price.

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Haus der Edelsteine GmbH

das SWISS Edelsteincenter

Etzelstrasse 6

CH- 8730 Uznach


Tel:         0041 (0)55 285 90 98

Fax:        0041 (0)55 285 90 99

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Stand: 20. September 2017

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